Thursday, 18 April 2013

London Marathon Preview - The Dream is Sub Three

My running number is 31031 and you can track live progress during the race by visiting THIS LINK and inputting the number above.

In addition I'm trying something new - Tweeting from @rushirushworth 
I ran my first London Marathon in 2002 in a time of 3:03:25.  I haven’t run faster since. My full London marathon history is:

2012 - 3:05:40
2011 - 3:06:01
2004 - 3:11:54
2005 - 3:11:59
2002 - 3:03:25

In 2002, I didn't realise the significance of the sub three hour barrier but I do now and I wish I did then, I might have run a bit faster! I’ll line up on Sunday once again with the aim of making the sub the three dream a reality. Can I do it and how has a winter's training gone?

The statistics indicate that it will be a big ask to achieve the dream. Two weeks ago I completed the Friskney Half Marathon in 1:27.  but I really needed a comfortable run under 1:25. Having said that I’ve recorded Pb’s this year at longer races including the Stamford 30K and the Ashby 20. The online marathon calculators after those events predicted my marathon will be between 2:58 and 3:05.

The bottom line for me is as follows. If you consider my best time was over decade ago and I'll have to run three minutes faster to better it. Three minutes, might not sound much but it is actually a significant amount of time when related to a 26.2 mile road race. If you consider that I’ll be running sub seven minute miles I need to run almost half a mile quicker than my time in 2002 time, that won't be easy but as always I'll give it my best shot.

My thoughts are similar to last year:

Plus 3:10 -  Disappointment - but glad to have taken part. 
Sub 3:10 -  OK - I'll get in again under the good for age entry route.
Sub 3:03 -  Happy - that's a PB 11 years later.
Sub 3:00 -  Elation - like last week, when I found the lost key in Belton Park.
There are a host of Grantham athletes taking part, some for the first time. The London Marathon was once described to me as a "life experience". A spectacle of humanity, a week after an inhuman act.

Thanks for all the good wishes I've had, Leave it all out there!


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