Monday, 10 February 2014

Folksworth 15 2014

This was my first race of the new year. Despite getting good miles on my legs in the early part of January, I struggled round this 15 mile undulating course. The race is run through three laps, two large laps and a shorter lap to the finish. There are, from memory, three hills which are long and steady rather than short or steep. The race runs along country lanes, parts of the course are exposed and it would be more difficult if race day coincided with strong winds.  

Me chasing Matthew Kingston-Lee (that was the last I saw of him).

I had a hard race at Folksworth. Sometimes you run from the start at a steady pace and it becomes worrying because even steady seems tough to maintain. It wasn't until I was well into the second lap that my initial laziness lifted and I was able to run at a better pace. During the second lap I found myself running with two others in a kind of mini peloton. We worked well together and it helped to bring me further out of the slump which I was experiencing. I felt better in the last five miles than I did the previous ten but I was grateful to finish in 1:42:41. I'll need to run much faster if I'm to have a chance of sub 3 at London. First Grantham runner home was Matthew Kingston Lee in a super fast 1:28:39 which is equivalent to a fast half marathon time for me. 

Grantham Running Club

This race was well organised by Yaxley Runners. A local primary school housed the pre race preparations and the local village hall offered bacon barms and hot drinks for finishers. Each finisher was awarded a bright orange t-shirt and a goody bag which included chocolate and water for their efforts.