Sunday, 30 October 2011

Worksop Half Marathon 2011

The Worksop Half Marathon is a well organised race hosted by Worksop Harriers and supported by Bassetlaw District Council. The race starts at 10.30am the day after the clocks go back which means a welcome extra hour in bed.This year's event had a bit of a spooky theme in celebration of Halloween. Runners assembled around a crowded start line with some entrants choosing to wait in "the wings" in order to get a better start at the front of the field. Some minutes later a local Councillor wished the runners well and set us off along the 13.1 mile route. The majority of this picturesque road race runs through the National Trust property, Clumber Park.

Clumber Park
The route is traffic free and passes mostly along country lanes flanked by woods and trees that offer brilliant autumn colours.My own race was a run of two halves.I was aware of a hill that lasts the most part of the first mile and so decided to start slowly, deal with the incline then push on after the second mile. I was pretty tired by the time I reached the top and felt sluggish for the next five miles or so. By mile seven I decided to try and get into a better rhythm, the race was feeling harder than it should have done and I didn't much fancy labouring through the next six miles. I extended my stride and by mile 9 I felt much better and was running strong.
Post Race Massage
I had seen a club friend Stuart Sinclair (Grantham AC) at the start and watched as he ran well up the hill in the first mile. By the top of the hill Stuart was out of sight and I hadn't expected to see him again but sometime before the 11 mark I noticed Stuart some way ahead. Slowly he came back to me and with a tinge of guilt I offered a few words of encouragement and passed Stuart with only two miles to go. I'd had enough of the race by this point and any speed I mustered was only because I wanted to get home. The hill in the first mile turns into a welcome descent before the finish and I managed a strong finish in 1:29:59. Stuart kept the pace and followed seconds later in 1:30:42 nice one Stuart. Another Grantham runner, Ged Cowley finished in 2:11:53. Runners received a finished bag with a decent t-shirt, energy bar, energy gel and a sweat band. An all round decent event and good value for money.   


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