Sunday, 5 June 2011

Woodhall Spa 10K 2011

Way to go
A bit more speed work on a sunny Sunday Morning. The Woodhall Spa 10K is a popular race attracting just short of a thousand participants.  This race had escaped my planning and I was grateful to be tipped off about the race at the previous wednesday evening's Ropsley Six.

Woodhall Spa ia a small yet pretty, typical Lincolnshire town somewhere South East of Lincoln and 37 miles North East of Grantham. I had an appointment in Stamford at 2pm and knew it would difficult to do both race and appointment.

An Englishman's Home....
 I have no idea where this race went I just shuffled up to the start line and ran. The route was picturesque and the sun shone brightly I was glad I was only running just over six miles. I had decided to use the event as a training run. I couldn't stand another physically stressful all out blast as I had put in at Ropsley the previous Wednesday. I came home feeling comfortable in 84th position in a time of 40:49. The winner was Matthew Bowser unattached in 30:40, whoosh....

On the way back to the car I was accosted by the owner of the local caravan site. He was upset that people had been jumping his fence as a short cut to the start, fair enough but building a blockade whilst the race was in progress is perhaps taking things a bit far! I was happy to walk round. 

The Woodhall Spa 10K was a well organised race in a beautiful part of rural Lincolnshire. It was particularly good to be able to enter such a big event on the day. I was happy to pick up a t-shirt at the finish with a picture of Tornado aircraft on it. I assume there's a local connection possibly with an RAF base nearby. It was a shame I couldn't hang around to take in more of the 'big race' atmosphere at the finish but I had to get Stamford and made it just in time.    

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