Monday, 24 January 2011

25 Mile London Marathon Training Run (Road)

25 miles from Grantham - Harlaxton - Denton - Harston - Branston - Barkstone - Redmile - Belvoir Castle - Woolsthorpe - Denton - Harlaxton - Grantham. Apporximately 3 hours 35 minutes. Didn;'t feel good till after 10 miles but improved steadily to a good canter over the last 7 miles. I had planned to drive round the route the previous day to drop drinks by the side of the road but the sub zero temperatures would have frozen the drinks solid. Happily my trusty girlfriend offered to drive round the route in the morning and drop off my provisions whilst I was running. Friday night was spent driving her round the route planning "drop points". The things you do for love....

I left Grantham at 7.45am managing to get myself out of bed. I doubted my ability to run so far so soon in the training plan, the last long run had been on the Dave Lewis Challenge from Newark in November (a seven hour navigational epic). The route was fairly inspiring passing across the Vale of Belvior. I passed a grouse shoot between Branston and Barkstone and plenty of other country types. A limping elderley shooter asked to swap legs with me, if only he knew how stiff mine were! Glad to get 25 miles in the bag.     

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